Harnessing the light needed to achieve dreamy sunset images is dependent on location, so for a perfect photo shoot we have to look at these details that make the different in a model, children or family professional session. Whether you are interested in an open sky sunset beach session or a wooded path with flourishing light, we need to consider where the sun sets and how the colors will interact with that environment. The sunset is one of the most beloved moments of the day for photographers. Its colors and its characteristic light tinge the different scenarios with soft and magical tones that give all places a special charm.

As professional photographer I have been working with families, couples, models children, in the studio, in their home or in a beauty location (malaga, marbella, tarifa, gibraltar, nerja, ronda, etc) we can choose for you.

Marbella, Estepona, Ronda or Tarifa have very distinct seasons and the colors are ever-changing. This creates variety in the images but is an ever-thoughtful endeavor as I am continuously assessing changing light even at repeat locations.

Sunset sessions take place during the golden hour, the hour just before sunset. This timing, while the most wonderful for purposes of light and color, is often in opposition of a toddler’s “happy time” as it is likely aligned with bedtime, even more in Spain where sunset in July is about 10:00 pm.

Since I work quite often with families with young children, this is especially important to convey I get inquires all the time about sunset sessions and despite the name sunset and the near nighttime imagery, parents often are surprised that these sessions take place so late in the evening, so normally It does not work for children under 5 years old and it it perfect for couples apart from the light for the temperature we have at this time.

The best time to photograph is about 45 minutes before the sun dips into the horizon, while the format of photography has changed dramatically from my days of rolling film onto reels, the magic hasn’t changed a bit for a sunset photography session.

Apart form outdoor sunset photoshoot we are specialized in our indoor studio, in baby photography also as professional newborn photographer we are well known as one of the best kids photographer in malaga, we love family lifestyle photography, family photo session, we take family portrait at studio, at home (on location) and at outdoor.