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 On location family book is based on a family photo shoot with daylight (outdoors) that takes place where you will feel comfortable with, we can propose different scenarios where taking photos, whether on the beach, in the mountains, in urban environments, tipical village or other alternative scenario in marbella, mijas or any village of malaga, cadiz province.

The pages of the family albums we always draw smiles, so our proposal is to feed it with a family photo shoot. We only need you have fun and interacting among you to collect those moments of complicity. The photo shoot can be combined with outdoor photography and studio Lifestyle.

Our goal is to obtain a work full of emotion, the moment that you remember with emotion as your family is.

The outfit is one of the most important aspects for family photography, we offer you different complements and accessories, props and decoration elements to customize the places where we work. «We must pay attention to all the details so as to reflect the best of each member and the most relevant of the family together.»

Take a photo shoot with your children, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews … in a funny and emotional family photo shoot! Fotokids –  Professional photographer specialized pregnancy, newborn, baby, child photoshoot. 


Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. In 2006 Fotokids was born as a studio specialized in babies and families. After many years of experience and with the enthusiasm of the first day we have consolidated in Malaga not only as a reference in family and children photography but our vision,  carefree style allowed us to grow within other areas of Photography, such as advertising or wedding photography.

Our studio is located in Málaga, with an affinity for kids welcome families with open arms! We will make your session comfortable, fun and an experience you will never forget. 


Family photography is all about telling stories and having fun, combining storytelling images with beautiful portraits, whether you have a tiny newborn, smiley baby, exuberant toddler or talented teenager, when everyone is enjoying themselves the photos will speak for themselves, specialising in relaxed family photography sessions  we will provide you a professional photography experience. 

Whether you’re looking for a beautifully artistic family photographer by telling your story , a  newborn baby photos, maternity o pregnancy photography session, there is one thing that connects them all, love.

Nowadays we can all take photos of those moments on our mobile phones but the skill of a photographer is to make those seemingly insignificant and normal moments into something emotive, special and artful, when you are looking for a photographer in Malaga, Marbella or Gibraltar there are differents style options for your photographs, in all this kind of style, as Artistic Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Documentary Photography you can find  Emotive family portraits.

As Mr. Cooper defines in his blog, an artistic family photographer skill will be in capturing connections between the family, individual expressions, emotions that will stand alone as a piece of art on a wall, a lifestyle family Photography is often referred to as ‘magazine’ style, the kind of style that shows families taking a walk, having lunch, at the park, picnics… and a Documentary family Photography is that there is no direction whatsoever, your documentary family photographer will be there as a ‘fly on the wall’ only.

With Wedding photography we became in a internationally recognized studio for our fresh contemporany style and creative perspectives. But we keep focus in our world of baby, children and families as we loves to work with kids and their families,   we’re award-winning photographers specialising in baby and family portraits, but we’re also baby whisperers, charmers of children and tamers of tantrums…  



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Family sessions are available trough out the  year in Marbella, Gibraltar, Malaga, Nerja and all Costa del Sol.


We owner a hairdressing in the same local as the studio so if you want to give your shoot that extra polish, then we can organise a hair & Make up for you with our experienced team. 

HAIR & MAKE-UP for the photo shoot  + 75 €

Basic hair and make-up to help give you an extra bit of polish for the family photo shoot.