• Baby photo shoot:   Photographing a sleeping baby isn’t as easy as it looks. Babies are ready to sleep when they decide they are ready, not when the photographer and parents decide it’s time. Fotokids take great care to make an environment in which the newborn and parents can feel safe and comfortable.  Heaters, sound effects, soft music, and a cozy bed are all necessary elements to create fine baby photography. 

reportaje bebes


reportaje recien nacidos



  • Child & Baby photoshoot:  Baby photography session and portrait are unique for us, from their first smile,  to first step, we try to capture the beauty of this moment with heart. From 1st day to 12 months is the best age to capture the best moment of your baby (first step, first smiles…..),  We have a baby photo plan (we call 12 month session) It’s the perfect way to capture your baby’s entire first year. We offer 12 mini-session package with a Maternity add-on. Every month we take a short photography session that we compile in a album. This plan is often modify to 6 month (every two months we take the mini session to show the evolution of your baby in its first year of life). If you wish you take the photography session at your home, light is a very important factor, if your home doesn’t have great window light throughout the day, the studio or outdoor may be a better option.


reporatjes niños


fotos estudio niños


professional photographer at home


vintage child photos


  •  Combined Album – Another option is to take a double session in studio and outdoors, thus combine photos with a more controlled light in study with the spontaneity and natural light of a outdoor photo shoot, a perfect combination for a baby or family photo album.


baby shoot at marbella beach


tarifa best photographers


baby photographers tarifa


baby best photographers


professional baby shoot marbella


You can see an example of combined album on the following link: COMBINED ALBUM




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